The Refined Gold Ore of Oral Instructions


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by: Ngagwang Künga' Ten'dzin**************************NAMO GURU PRABHAKARAYE — Homage to the Sunlike Guru.Sole unfailing refuge, Lords of the Drugpa Ka'gyü Line, To you I now pray without the slightest separation.For those who would establish themselves in the Dharma, Mind and Dharma inseparable, I shall now explain it in three words.Firstly, now that you have found a human body, It is extremely important that you keep the vows of body, speech and mind. If, having attained such a body, You do not engage in authentic Dharma–practice, You will not, in the future, find a body of a similar kind So you should practice prostration and circumambulation now.It is not certain when the mortal enemy, the mighty Shinje, Lord of Death, will come. Even as you think, "I shall put the Dharma into practice," he overtakes you So, this very moment, abandon evil and take up the good.Merely hearing about the suffering of the three lower realms. Is enough to make the heart tremble — What will you do if one day you have to actually experience them? Thus thinking, avoid negativity as though it were a poison.The Three Rare and Precious Ones have the power to give sure Refuge From the inescapable suffering of transmigration. Pray to them, therefore, and invoke them with fervour from the depths of your heart.Consider the sentient beings of the six realms as your mother. In your many previous lives they have, indeed, been your parents and Since they are now suffering in the rounds of transmigration, Whatever practice you do, you should dedicate it for the benefit of beings.Meditate upon your Lama, who possesses all the signs of lordliness, as seated above the crown of your head, And pray to him from the depths of your heart — from your very bones! Dissolving into light, he will merge with your consciousness. Without altering this state, observe your mind. Then, wherever it goes, outward, inward or disappearing into the non–manifest, watch, Resting in whatever state may arise without adjusting. Since it is without substance, mind cannot be asserted to exist, And yet, since it is naturally aware of whatever arises, its non–existence cannot be asserted either. There are times when it is immobile and times when it moves... Watch attentively at all times.This void essence of consciousness is mind's dharmakaya or dimension of absolute realty, Buddha Limitless Light. Its bright and luminous nature is mind's sambhogakaya or dimension of pleasurable enjoyment, The Greatly Compassionate One, Avalokiteshvara. The upsurging and agitated dualistic thought–process of the consciousness are mind's nirmanakaya or manifest dimension, the Lotus–Born Padmasambhava. Whatever dualistic thought of the five mental poisons arises, If you recognise it, it is one of the Conquerors of the Five Buddha Families.When mind is clear, observe the essence of clarity. Clarity–Emptiness is the Great Seal of Mahamudra.When it is blissful, watch the essence of bliss. Bliss–Emptiness is the Great Perfection of Maha–Ati.If the mind is empty, look into the real face of emptiness. Awareness–Emptiness is the Great Middle Way of the Madhyamika.If it is afraid, examine the essence of the one who is experiencing fear. This is the sacred instruction of the Demon–Cutting technique of Chö.If you cannot discover any substantiality to the mind, This is the voidness of mind of the Perfection of Wisdom, the Prajñaparamita.When moving and at rest, watch your mind. Moving and keeping still are the true meaning of circumambulation.When eating and drinking, watch the mind Eating and drinking in purity is the Circle of Assembly, the Ganachakra.When resting or sleeping, watch your mind. Sleep is the profound practice of Clear Light.When applying yourself to profound visualisation and recitation, The real meaning is that you observe your mind.When dispelling demons and obstacles, it is in just this way that they are dispelled.Let thoughts arise as they will in the present moment, But remain internally in profound meditation until you die. Mixing with crowds and getting embroiled in conversation, Mind–deceiving activities and concerns — Don't let yourself become distracted by such things. This is the essential instruction on profound contemplation. Do not forget it and work at it diligently.Reaching the heights of such mindfulness, control yourself to maintain this state. Subject yourself again and again to this training And familiarise yourself with the practice of meditation.As you thus slowly lengthen its duration, It will become continuous and no longer be broken up into pre–set sessions.When it flows like the central course of a great river, that is an auspicious sign of the beginning of mastery.**************************The Refined Gold Ore of the Mahamudra Practice of the View, Meditation and Action, by Khampa Ngagwang Künga' Ten'dzin Geleg Pälzangpo, reincarnation of Karma Tenp'el, is thus set forth for fortunate disciples, male and female, cleric and lay.**************************



July 2012

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