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Rigden King

Aniruddha, the Twenty-First Kalki King, is believed to be the current monarch, whose reign extends from 1927 to 2027. By the end of this period, the Kalachakra teachings will be nearly extinct. In the painting of him, he holds the ankusha (iron hook or elephant goad) and rope noose as an enraged lion stares up at him bearing his teeth and projecting a sword-like tongue. Placed near the painting is a Ritual axe (parasu) (China, 1368-98), decorated in gold and silver, which is similar in appearance to the ankusha held by some of the Shambhala kings.

TWENTY FIRST KALKI KING......Aniruddha,....Magakpa...(21st Kulika King): "the 29th King of Shambhala, Magakpa (ma 'gags pa) who is reigning at the present, ascended the throne in 1927." (Kongtrul: 1995..pg 273)...."the 21st, Aniruddha. (Kongtrul: 1995..pg 273)..."The current Rigden, the 21st Kulika, is said to have ascended the throne in 1927. (Hopkins: 1985..pg 65)......Aniruddha [ma a'gags]

Aniruddha (Tib. Magakpa) (1927-2027) - Who Draws and Binds the Entire Three Worlds. Aniruddha, the present Kalki king, was prophesied to rule in a time when Vajrayana Buddhism and the Kalachakra is nearly extinguished.

The 21st Rigden is alive now and dwelling on the lion throne of Kalapa in his great palace. He has reigned for 73 years.....21st is Aniruddha...... 21th (28th) .....Aniruddha......Magakpa.....Khaan Magagba1927-2027

Aniruddha (Sanskrit: अनिरुद्ध), meaning "uncontrolled" or "without obstacles", was the son of Pradyumna and the grandson of Krishna. He is said to have been very much like his grandfather, to the extent that he may be a jana avatar. The four important Vishnu extensions are Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna, and Aniruddha. These four are considered to be vishnu-tattva or Vishnu's plenary expansions. Aniruddha is present in every soul as Supersoul.

According to ancient Tibetan Buddhist and Bon texts, Shambhala is a fabulous kingdom hidden by mist and a ring of snowcovered mountains, where the rulers safeguard the Kalachakra Tantra, sacred teachings about the "Wheel of Time" that, through practice and meditation, allows one to achieve enlightenment. The texts also foretell of a world that descends into chaos and war, and of one king who will emerge after the apocalypse to restore order and prosperity in the year 2424.

The Lineage of Sakyong Kings.....Followers of contemporary Tibetan Buddhist teachers Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and his son Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche believe them to be intimately connected to the Kalki kings, dedicated to propagating the wisdom of Shambhala in the rest of the world. The term "Sakyong" literally means "earth-protector" in Tibetan, although it is colloquially understood to mean "king." This lineage is passed down as a family lineage.

There are expected to be twenty five Rigden kings in total, though currently we are living in the age of the 21st king, Aniruddha, expected to rule from approximately 1927-2027. According to some in Shambhala, the final twenty fifth king (Raudra Chakrin) will be an emanation of the Vidhyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Thereby members of the Shambhala community may be reborn within the final army of the last king to help overcome degradation in the world and bring about a lasting peace and prosperity. The final king is expected to rule starting in the year 2327, according to the Kalachakra tantra.




The Kalachakra prophecy further says that during the reign of the 21st. king, Aniruddha (1927-2027), Buddhism and the Kalachakra will have nearly come to an end in Tibet, Mongolia, China and much of Asia. This could certainly be said to be accurate! For example, after the Chinese invasion in Tibet in 1959 and the destruction of nearly all monasteries afterwards, the master Ven. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche was the only remaining Tibetan master holding a specific lineage of the Vimalaprabha (the 'Stainless Light' commentary); which is one of the only two main Kalachakra texts.This trend of degeneration is said to continue until the incarnation of Manjushri (and of the Panchen Lama), Raudra Chakrin, comes to the throne in 2327 (or 2424 [5]).

RIG....In Ancient Persia, the Indo-European words for King (Sanskrit: rajan...Latin: rex...Old Iranian: Rig...Gallic: rix)(Lincoln: 1981..pg 35)..means not only to regulate and direct in a manner that is right but also to shine with luster (Sk: raj). The divine right of the king was derived from the brilliance (cihr) and sovereignty (sahr) of the sky itself; therefore it was fitting that his palace should be in the 'padak' of the sun and that his 'tiara' should resemble the surrounding sky-wall and rays of the sun." ..(Campbell: 1968..pg 101)........

DEN...."In ancient Persia, 'Den' was the Old-Iranian term for wisdom. 'Den' operates as a creator within the limits of cyclic time and the motions of matter and space. 'Daena-Den' was an intermediate Creator between space and time. 'Den' reveals the Expanding (Spenta) and Good (Vohu) Mind (Mainyu) all that happens until the 'Fraskart' (The final restoration of the world)" ..(Campbell: 1968..pg 119+)

Kalkin (Tib: rigs ldan): chieftan, governor who holds the lineage, "one who bears the lineage""The imperial rulers of Shambhala, who are called the Rigden Kings, are inhabitants of the cosmic mirror. They are referred to as ultimate drala." (Trungpa: 1984..pg 174)...

The 7 Shakya Kings and the 25 Kulika Kings (Kalki)...

Rigden Time: "not solar days of 24 hours, but completely beyond all limits of time and space. 'Meditation days' refer to the length of time one is able to rest undistracted in the nature of mind." (Sogyal: 1992..pg 279)....

"Only 25 kings of Shambhala are specifically mentioned in the Wheel of Time Tantra and the names of their descendants are not given." (kongtrul: 1995..pg 46)

"the country of Sambhala, protected by the 32 chieftans." (Kongtrul: 1995..pg 153)...

(21st Kulika King): "the 29th King of Shambhala, Magakpa (ma 'gags pa) who is reigning at the present, ascended the throne in 1927." (Kongtrul: 1995..pg 273)...."the 21st, Aniruddha. (Kongtrul: 1995..pg 273)...



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